5 Eye Diseases That Are Very Common

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5 Eye Diseases That Are Very Common

Do you know our brain receives and interprets more than 70000 ideas in a day? All these ideas comes in form of electric impulses, And each electric signal come through our eyes. Our eyes play a key role in generating ideas. Over 80% of ideas are generated by our brain through the visual information. But have you ever thought that how all this process actually works?

Our eyes are the one of the fastest muscles of our body and these starts the process of visualization. Our eye’s cornea plays an important role in emit waves of light into our eyes. There is a thin and transparent membrane in our eyes that is called cornea. The cornea focuses on lights entering in our eyes. In our iris there is a circular opening that allows the amount of light that enters our eyes. Crystalline lens that is just behind the pupil who flattens or bends as you focus and also revert or invert the image at which we are looking. 80% of images volume is made by vitreous humor, which is a gel like structure. After the vitreous humor, our retina works as photoreceptors, it sends each image to optic nerve. Our optic nerves send the image to cortex of the brain for interpretation.

Sometimes, our cornea or other parts does not work well, it is resulted as a poor vision. Here are the most common eye problems that everyone experience in his life.

Cataract- This disease is common in the people age group 40 and above. It affects the vision as it covers the crystalline lens of the eyes. Cataract can also cause blindness if not cured soon. Surgery can also be done in order to remove this disease.

Glaucoma- Glaucoma refer to the medical condition that the deterioration of the optic nerve brings. Damage is occurred to the optical nerves when the eyes experience too much pressure. There may not be the symptoms or pain in the initial stages. So it is better to get a regular check up done. For this disease surgery or eye drops such as forskolin are generally suggested by an ophthalmologist. Extracts from ayurvedic plant Coleus forskohlii is used in this eye drops.

Presbyopia- Generally people who are above the age of 40 years have this disease. The symptoms of this disease are that one cannot see the objects far away from them or may be small printed text. In order to correct this disease reading glasses are recommended by the doctors.

Conjunctivitis- Itching, redness, tearing and burning in the eyes are the symptoms of Conjunctivitis. There may be many reasons that can cause this problem that may include infection, allergies, and exposure to irritants and chemicals.

Temporal Arteritis- Arteritis generally occurs in older persons which can result in sudden vision loss may be after few days or weeks after the disease get in your body. The symptoms of this disease are severe headache, shaking, low fever and weight loss. The actual cause is still not found. But this may due to impaired immune system.

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