About computer security

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About computer security

First of all, why should be a PC protected?

Depending of what your PC is used for, there are different answers. It should be protected against information theft or just against malicious programs that slow down it’s performance.
I do not discuss here about malicious programs and it’s variety, all that is important for now is that this kind of programs do exist and that are not good for any PC…

So how do this programs came to be in a PC?

Ooo, there are thousand of ways, but the most common and important ways are: by cracked software (and I must point this!), by email, through network (internet), CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, and almost through any way of communication that a PC has.


It is not so complicated nor very expensive to have a good basic 먹튀 검증 that could prevent 90% to 99% of bad incidents.

First of all: Use licensed software (aka buy it), or use free, open source quality software. When a program is cracked it is very easy to infest that program with a worm, virus, or other type of malicious program. So, again, use free or licensed software. Personally I use tons of free software.

Second and as important as first:

Use a firewall! With no firewall it’s like leaving your door unlocked in a very unsecure neighborhood. I learned through experience that a free firewall is quite good, and that windows firewall is as good as any other firewall.

Your account/user (on windows or any other operating system) should be protected by a password.

Try an anti-virus. If you do not have a routine in using your computer (aka: same sites, same software), you should try an anti-virus. There are tons of free for non commercial anti-viruses online. If you use same programs, and do not install new ones, if you navigate online on the same pages, if you do not open spam and unknown mails, you may try no anti-virus, but anyway a regular scan of your system is a must.

If you use IE (personally I do not like IE) do not install ActiveX components if a web page require for it (only if you really need it) and definitely user a good anti-virus and firewall.
Do not use DC! Maybe only for music, but pay special attention to the file extension (not to be .exe, .com, .bat or other executable formats).

Do not navigate on dubious sites (especially xxx, and crack/serials ones)!

When inserting new media in PC (by stick, DVD, CD, Bluetooth, or any other way), first be sure to scan for viruses that media device. Every time!!

Use different users/accounts for games and for work. This should count a little.

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