Are SARMs good or bad?

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Are SARMs good or bad?

SARMs are not anabolic steroids, but selective androgen receptor modulators. The secret is in the word “selective”: they do what they have to do and nothing else. All the side effects that steroid users may experience, such as liver damage, breast formation and suppression of natural testosterone production, do not occur if you use SARM.

And that is exactly what the manufacturers of SARM supplements say. “SARMs are special substances,” says a spokesman for American supplement , a company that also sells SARMs, in a clip on YouTube. “They stimulate muscle tissue, just like anabolic steroids, but since they do not do anything in other tissues, and about SARMs side effects – they do not have any side effects, and there are no drugs on the market that contain these substances, which means they can sit on supplements . ”

On internet forums for bodybuilders and other athletes, you can read the experiences of SARM users who generally gain a few pounds of muscle mass if they use SARM for a few weeks and also lose a few pounds of fat. “You should not expect SARM to grow as much as an anabolic steroid,” writes an anonymous user in one fitness forum. “But remarkably muscular, stronger and at the same time leaner, you can get along with a SARM cure.”

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