Become a Professional Gamer

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Become a Professional Gamer

The gaming industry is huge (and growing). But only when comparing the game industry with the music and film industry, you realize how good it really is. At present, the gaming industry has more revenue than the music industry, and is second only to the film industry. In this light it’s no wonder that professional games try to enter the sports arena of the top champions.

Professional video game competitions are called e-sports. These game tournaments easily sell good venues – and as all major namesports attract the big crowd at home.

The money goes on course. Recently, in a game tournament organized by the game developer Valve Corporation, and won by Chinese players, there were over ten million cash prizes. And the place was packed: there were over ten thousand spectators! In response, advertisers are easily adapted as sponsors.

It may seem strange, but there are millions to win in these game tournaments! The best players earn six or seven digit income. In the same way as the best football players, the best players can also attract fervent followers. Young players are now dreaming of fame and fortune!

Yes, they are really professional players, and they are treated like any other professional athlete! The US Department of State grants visas to professional players and universities have begun to distribute sports grants to players. The Ivy League University also has inter-colleges.

Game craze has been the biggest deal with acquiring Amazon’s live streaming platform, Twitch – for almost a billion. Is this a bubble in formation? Who knows! Meanwhile, Twitch continues to act as a platform where tens of millions of people watch billions of games a month. One thing is certain: the global phenomenon video game is now a live sporting event and must see! Against all odds, the game has become a spectator sport.

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