Car Speakers Buying Tips

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Car Speakers Buying Tips

How much am I willing to spend?
I lot of people might think that if you want the best car speakers you are going to have to pay the “best” price. Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Good car speakers vary between 25$ dollars up 1000$ So what’s the difference then? It generally comes down to three things:


  • Speaker components
  • Assembly
  • Sound quality

If the speakers are made out of good components and are well assembled (Ferrite magnets, Titanium, fibreglass) this also means that you are getting better sound quality and more durability, thus also paying a higher price. Now in practice if you were to put a 50$ next to 150$ car speaker (of the same type) chances are that you wouldn’t here that much of a difference, UNTIL you start cranking up the volume, that’s where most cheaper car speakers tend to fail. As a result, a lot of times noise distortion will occur and in worst cases you will just blow up the speakers. So it generally all comes down to how much you want to pay for the sound quality in your car and how long you want them to last. You can read the reviews of some of the best car speakers for 2019 here.

Sound quality

Not only do good components and assembly determine the sound quality of the speaker but also how the speaker is “configured” In general there are 3 types of configurations:


  • 1 way speaker
  • 2 way speaker
  • 3 way speaker

The higher the configuration, the better the sound quality you will get. This is because a 3 way speaker (as compared to a 1 way speaker) consists out of three speaker systems which can deliver a broader spectrum of sound frequencies.


A 1-way speaker consists mainly out of one “cone”, where as a 3-way speaker is a combination of 3, thus producing better sound quality

It’s also possible to buy a 2-way or 3-way Car speaker system which consists out of different “Components”. These are called Component systems. Instead of everything being built into one system (like above) a component system is built out of separate speaker components which are connected to each other.

This will give an even better sound quality because there is minimal interference between the speaker components. The price of course is generally higher than your standard 2-3way system.

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