Educational Institutions Specialized in the Maritime Education

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Educational Institutions Specialized in the Maritime Education

The men and women who are eager to sail the seas and oceans of the world, must think about that the compulsory schooling consist of graduating a maritime higher university in order to access a career in navigation. They may choose to study in a college or university like Ukrayna Odessa Denizcilik Üniversitesi either to become officers for the Naval Forces, or maritime officers and engineers for the merchant marine navy. There are a lot of specializations that can provide training for all particular activities related to maritime segment and here are a few examples: Navigation, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Naval Systems and Technologies, Mechanical, Industrial and Maritime Engineering, Shipping and Port Management, Telecommunication Systems, Environmental Engineering, Naval Transport, Business and Engineering in Transports etc.

There exist educational institutions which were exclusively specialized in the maritime education. The key characteristics of these institutions are given by the presence of a global standard imposed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which is required for any maritime universities combined with the national engineering curricula, which is also compulsory in accordance with the national regulations.

Every year these institutions, which are found, both locally and worldwide, as a supply of high specialized labour force in the maritime domain, have an increasing number of students willing to undergo the educational process just for this is the 1st and main step to enter a maritime profession. All of these Ukranian graduates are looking forward to sail the sea yet so that they can get their endorsement, they have to have an embarkation training period. Deck Cadets should have no less than twelve months sea period of which 6 months on watch and Engine Cadets currently no less than 6 months of which three months on watch. During this sea period they get the possiblity to put knowledge into practice and experience the best learning conditions aboard as well as the chance to have access to the most recent technologies and equipment, crucial tools for navigation activities.

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