How do SARMs work?

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How do SARMs work?

SARMs are different molecules from testosterone entirely. However, when you take them, they hit the same receptors as testosterone. This is how they provide such great anabolic and performance benefits. In theory, they are even more powerful than anabolic steroids, because they can simply focus on hitting the receptors as hard as possible.

In practice, you aren’t seeing anyone switching away from anabolic steroids and exclusively using SARMs instead.

Experienced steroid users have been comparing them to “mild” steroids such as Anavar.

You’ll find this comparison to be accurate. When you take SARMs, it is going to be clear that things are not the same.

  • You will gain strength much faster than before.
  • You will build muscle at an accelerated rate. 10-15 clean pounds during an 8 week cycle is completely possible. (if you are eating enough and training properly)
  • You will maintain muscle and strength on a calorie deficit. It is possible to diet far harder than normal without losing muscle mass (this is not necessarily recommended, but possible if you wish to do this)

After 5-7 days of using some of the SARMs, you’ll see that things are not the same. During a bulk, you will be seeing muscle gains on a weekly basis. For the first three weeks of a cut, you’ll be getting stronger. To learn what SARMs to use, and to learn more about SARMs you can find more SARMs reviews on the web.

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