Keurig One Cup Coffee Makers

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Keurig One Cup Coffee Makers

Keurig Brewers are situated in the American state, Massachusetts, in the town of Reading. They are now a subsidiary of the well-known Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and have become very well known for their single cup coffee machines which all make use of their original K-Cup system.

The K-Cup is a simple disposable plastic cup which contains the dry form of the hot drink of your choice – coffee grounds, tea leaves etc. – as well as a simple filter. This cup is inserted into the special slot in the machine, and the hot water is forced through it and into the mug waiting below.

Although there are a few models that are designed to be used in a large office or factory business environment or in a coffee shop, the majority of the Keurig One Cup Coffee Makers are designed to be used in private homes or small offices. These smaller appliances come in a variety of sizes to suit the number of people in the household or small office staff. You can search online reviews sites to find theĀ best Keurig model. We give you the smallest and the biggest Keurig models below.

The smallest Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker is the B30 Mini model. It has a water reservoir that only holds 10 ounces of water – about one cup – so it is necessary to refill the reservoir after each cup of coffee or other hot drink. It is capable of making you a delicious drink in less than 2 minutes. As with all the Keurig coffee machines, it has an energy saving feature which causes the machine to switch itself off after a minute and a half of not being used.

One of the largest of the Keurig One Cup Coffee Makers intended for home use is the B70 Platinum. This model has a bright blue blacklight digital screen that allows you to program your cup of coffee or other hot drink according to size and water temperature. It comes with a 60 ounce removable reservoir, removing the need to refill the reservoir after each and every cup of coffee. It also features the unique Keurig Quiet-Brew coffee, which enables making a cup of coffee to be a nice, peaceful process.

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