SARMs – What are they?

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SARMs – What are they?

SARM (Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulator)

A type of drug that is intended to have the same effect as anabolic steroids on muscle mass.
Is under medical examination as treatment for muscle disease such as MS and ALS.
The drugs are in illegal online sales as promotional funds (doping).
The substances are on WADA’s prohibition list and are part of the routine doping tests.
No top athletes have so far tested positive for the substance.
SARM medications are being tested against a number of serious diseases that lead to muscle aches.

Long before the drugs are approved, SARMs have appeared for sale over the net. Like anabolic steroids, it stimulates the means for muscle growth. However, it seems that serious side effects are avoided.

The United States is now talking about “the new superdop”, and it is predicted that these medications will be able to take over for anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are still “people’s doping,” even though top athletes rarely take the chance. The reason is that they are very active. However, the major problem with anabolic steroids, or androgen-anabolic steroids that some call them, is the side effects.

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