Should You Go For Windows 10 Pro

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Should You Go For Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro is not only for cubical dwellers but Pc’s enthusiasts, small businesses, sole-proprietors, and even home users. It does not remove anything from Windows 10 Home edition; it simply enhances it by adding business features like remote log-in, encryption, creating virtual machines etc. All the brilliant features of this edition can now be accessed completely free and by taking advantage of Windows 10 Pro Key Codes Microsoft users can download and install genuine Windows 10 Pro on their laptops or PCs for free.

There are few important aspects which can help you decide whether you should go for Windows 10 Pro or not:

Bit Locker: The updated Microsoft’s encryption software is built into Windows 10 Pro as well which allows users to encrypt the Windows boot drive, external drives, USB keys, and other fixed drives within the system. This feature becomes more useful while traveling and Bit Locker will encrypt any file which is added to the encrypted drive. Files moved from encrypted Bit Locker drive to another are automatically decrypted. The Pro users get the option to either remove encryption entirely or suspend it for a while.

To access the data you need:

  • A strong password.
  • If password gets lost or you do not have it, then a Recovery key (needs to be saved either to Microsoft Account or in a printout form).
  • Even though cloud storage provides a secure way to store files but Bit Locker encrypted USB key which is clipped to a keychain act as an additional security layer.

Remote Desktop: The Remote Desktop Connection feature of Windows 10 Pro is extremely beneficial for small businessmen who can control their work machine from home. In Windows 10 Home version the ability to allow your PC to be remotely accessed is not present. The Windows 10 home variant can only be remotely assisted which means that this feature just works as an educational tool and slave machine display mirrors the master display, for example, you can get assistance from a remote technician on how to adjust your graphics settings etc. This feature can be enabled in Pro version with just a few clicks and its full potential can be explored.

Client Hyper-V: If you are a software developer or some IT enthusiasts who like testing Insider builds without putting the main system at risk, Hyper-V is the ideal feature you can enjoy by downloading Pro edition and activating with your Windows 10 key – you can find windows 10 key now online. This technology offers safe operating environment within your PC where you can run various operating systems such as Linux, older versions of Windows, etc. as Virtual machines on your PC. You will need.

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