Sourcing Your Products and Find Quality China Manufacturers

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Sourcing Your Products and Find Quality China Manufacturers

There are many resources to help you find China Manufacturers. Trade shows provide another opportunity to meet suppliers face to face while looking at and touching their products; for example, China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Mumbai offer a great breadth of suppliers for you to meet with face to face.

If you’re new to sourcing products from China, start slowly with the intent to learn the process. Find China Manufacturers and select one to order from. Place a small order and go through the process of working with the supplier, logistics service provider and getting the product shipped to your warehouse. Think of your first order as an investment in learning about importing. With knowledge and experience of the importing process, you can work with China suppliers to put your own brand on the products you order to really super-charge your business.

When determining your market entry strategy, consider recent market trends and keep in mind your long-term and short-term requirements for infrastructure, labour and your customer base. Remember China is changing at a rapid pace and it is essential your research and market information is up-to-date.

Sourcing Your Products and Find Quality China Manufacturers

Consider the unique selling points of your product or service and whether there is actually a market for that product or service in China. If there is, you need to ensure you can be competitive in China and, more importantly, whether you have the time, resources and stamina to handle the demands of communications, frequent travel, product delivery and after-sales service.

Find a good supplier – There are a handful of great China Manufacturers in every niche. It really takes some digging to find them (along with a little luck), but fortunately the platform will be your best choice to avoid the scams and increase your odds at finding an awesome supplier.

Sell and build – After you have a good product, and a good supplier, you just have to start selling it. If it were me, I would leverage existing sales channels (eBay, Amazon, etc) to both sell my product, and build up my own recurring customer base. So that is what I am going to focus on.

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