Ways to Make Money Online as Work from Home Mom

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Ways to Make Money Online as Work from Home Mom

If you are a proud mom of two kids, it is not feasible to venture out to work, every single day. After all you need to spend quality time with your kids at home, isn’t it? You need to prepare dishes for your husband and send him off to work. You need to get your kids ready to school. And once your hubby and kids return back home, you need to welcome them home. But the responsibilities on the home front need not stop you from making some extra money by working from home. More than 40 million Americans do it, according to the survey done by Telework Coalition. Here are 6 fabulous ways for work at home moms to make some extra income online.

Freelance Writing

A lot of magazines and online sites, need full time or part time writers and story tellers, who have a dynamic attitude and can spend some time off household work, to write engaging articles, catering to different kind of audience. You can write articles on health, beauty, fashion, travel, hospital services, insurance and sky is the limit. For an article, you get paid anywhere between $5 and $ 15. Very easily you manage to make $3000 – $ 5000 per month. Again, this depends on your ability to write articles.

You need a secure internet connection and a laptop, to be able to pull off.

Take paid surveys

A lot of advertising companies pay a certain amount of commission to entrepreneurs and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies, in order to divert network traffic towards their e-sites or e-biz networks. The Multi-National Companies benefit, as quite a lot of prospect enquiries convert into sales. Companies also appoint individuals who are interested to take jobs from home, to take paid surveys. And you are paid anywhere between $10 and $50, based on the time you spend for taking up such surveys. If you are able to spend 3-4 hours on the computer, you can easily carry home $ 6000 and above, per month.


Do you have a flair for the camera? Then, all you got to invest in, is a high definition SLR camera. You can shoot out pictures, while you are going on an excursion with friends or family. And take up week-end drives, to take exotic pictures of Nature. While you are out shopping, you can take theme based pictures, depicting the cosmopolitan outlook of the society, you are living in. Post the pictures to online travel sites, magazines or newspapers. You can take home a fabulous pay. You love taking photos and shoot outs, while you are paid handsomely for it. Freelance photographers are in great demand.

Animation/ Website designing

If you have completed a great animation course, you need not take up a typical 9 to 5 job in an office. Lot of companies hire freelance web designers or animators for getting the job done. You can post your tweets in the form of exciting cartoons and caricatures across Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, etc. You take home $8000 per month. If you get corporate clients for designing their company’s web pages or portfolio, you can get a still better amount.

Software development

If you want to be a Work from home mom, all you got to do is, explain clearly to the management as to why you opt working from home. A lot of American software companies allow their employees to do an 8 hour job from home. You get the very same pay, as your colleague at office does. And you can log in, any 8 hours in a day.


If you love cooking and can bring out exclusive recipes month on month, you can contact clients who help you post your blogs on their cookery sites. You can also post your mouth-watering recipes on magazines. A work from home job, which you love doing.

I am sure, these work from home jobs leave you excited and at the same time, you are able to earn a sufficient second source.

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