What are Sarms used for?

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What are Sarms used for?

First let’s define what this medication is and we also know if Sarms really works. Sarms means a selective modulator of the androgen receptor. The receiver modulator can inhibit an effect like the Serms. Tamoxifen, for example, binds to the estradiol receptor and prevents the action of estradiol, but does not develop an action. So it’s a Serms because it’s estrogenic. And in the case of androgens, research has been developed to create drugs that act on the androgen receptor.

What does this receiver do?

It is in it that it binds to testosterone and all its anabolic androgenic derivatives. The idea is to place a different molecule of the biochemical steroid hormones, which binds to that receptor and trigger the action of protein synthesis, the hypertrophy that produces testosterone, but only where you want. Then it will only have an effect on the muscle tissue, for example, by not reaching the prostate, nor the liver, nor the heart, etc.

So we have the Sarms and Serms, that is, we have substances that increase the work of the androgenic level that are the Sarms and have substances that also work at the level of the estrogens that are the Serms.

When we speak of a selective modulator, it is only saying that the molecule binds to the receptor, it can exacerbate the positive effect by triggering the action of that receptor or by inhibiting the action of another because it is bound in the receptor. It prevents another molecule from calling the receiver.

Does tamoxifen increase testosterone production?

This medicine can stimulate the production of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in men.

Thus, FSH performs the development, growth, maturity of adolescence, reproductive methods and elimination of sex steroids in the testes and ovaries. Together with LH, it becomes a stimulant by increasing the synthesis of testosterone.

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