When Was Playstation 4 Release Date

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When Was Playstation 4 Release Date

The Playstation 4 release date is fast approaching and everyone is waiting anxiously. This particular gaming console is supposed to be the best that has ever hit the market. The only problem is no one really knows exactly when it is going to get here. Some have claimed around Thanksgiving or Christmas time in 2011 while others are thinking late 2012.

The fact of the matter is it is up to the big boys, Sony, as to when they are going to let everyone know when the Playstation 4 release date is, not the gamers of the world. As the world is waiting for this phenomenal console to come out, Sony is continuing to push the video game creators to come up with a timeframe.

It kind of makes you wonder what these guys are up. Who would have thought that they could beat the Playstation 3? The Playstation 3 was already one of a kind with its 320GB capacity drive, superb graphics, and the simple fact that it was Blue-Ray. Seriously, what other surprises does the Sony manufacturer’s have up their sleeve? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? There has also been speculation that Ken Kutargi, the inventor, has mentioned that there were plans for even a Playstation 5 and 6, how’s that for crazy.

The anxious arrival of the Playstation 4 release date is hidden from all of us. All we know is it will be here soon and there will be a buying frenzy as soon as it hits the local retail stores.

As crazy as it may sound, the Playstation 4 release date has fluctuated between late 2011 and 2012, but who really knows? Makes you wonder if Sony even knows. There is one question that still is circling amongst gamers though, is this an actual release date or is that when the testing starts. Sony is well known for doing this, and if that is the case, you can bet that it may be longer than we all expect.

For those of you that might be able to remember back to 1995 when the original Playstation went global, if you will dig a little deeper you would know that in 1994 Japan was already trying it out. Then in 2000 Playstation 2 was released but only a million consumers had access to it. Followed up by the Playstation 3 about 6 years later, with all the updates and introducing the new Playstation network and PSN gift cards changed the way we look at gaming forever.

If we go buy what Sony did with the third generation console, well that would mean that 2012 would be about the time for a new one. Yes there are many speculations, only Sony knows when the actual Playstation 4 release date is.

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