Wholesale Review – China Dropshipping

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Wholesale Review – China Dropshipping

Make your China dropshipping experience a success by doing a wholesale review before placing orders. A wholesale review allows the seller to judge the supplier on parameters such as:

  • Quality of products
  • Delivery
  • Shipping costs and insurance
  • Customer service
  • Product pricing
  • Legitimacy

Chinese products have become popular across the world because of their low prices. Dropshipping businesses often take advantage of these low prices to buy wholesale pallets and sell them to customers. Many Chinese suppliers also understand how dropshipping works and are willing to supply products based on this arrangement. There are niggling concerns, however, such as product quality, illegal business practices, and inadequate customer service. Don’t let that hold you back from finding suppliers in China; some careful research will help you source products at rock-bottom prices from China without any risk to your business.

Why A Wholesale Review?

People cannot always physically verify street addresses provided by online suppliers. So how to buy wholesale from China without checking the history of a wholesale supplier through a wholesale review mechanism, the seller is likely to run into fraud. Particularly if the supplier is based in China and you live in Europe or North America, there is no way one can go and check the business license, authorization, and trading practices of the supplier.

Wholesale Review - China Dropshipping

In the bad old days before the Internet, dealers or resellers had to physically go to the supplier address and verify if things were working as indicated. Often, they would visit the supplier office to see how things worked. Sometimes, they would inspect factories to assess the product manufacturing process. Today, the reseller usually does not have the time, inclination, or funds to visit faraway destinations, particularly for small orders. This is why they depend on a wholesale review to assess vendor quality.

A dropship review is particularly important if the Chinese manufacturer, exporter, or supplier claims to work on a dropship basis. A supplier who has sold to large retail stores, for example, may have excellent customer referrals. Someone who deals only with small business like yours via the Internet requires more careful vetting. If the supplier product or service does not satisfy your customer, you could lose business. Therefore, be sure to carry out a dropship review before you start dropshipping.

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