10 Reasons Why Most People Fail To Catch Fish

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10 Reasons Why Most People Fail To Catch Fish

Fishing is very simple and everyone can do it . However, it has one uncertainty – you’re pitted against an elusive creature. It’s a game where you don’t know who the opponent is. Okay, it’s a fish; but you don’t know whether it is a catfish or a flathead or a roach or a chub or a bluegill or a carp. Fishes too are choosy about their nibbling stuff. So, unless you know what attracts them best, you’ll never be able to land a decent fish. All your effort, time and money will go waste. And you’ll have people around, laughing at your failure!

Having said this, let’s take a quick look why people fail to net fish quite often:

1. The baits that are used lack a natural presentation : Fish are creatures of habit. They learn early in life to live in a specific environment and to be wary of anything that looks different. Your bait or lure must fool fish into thinking it’s the real thing. This generally does not happen in most of the cases.

2. The depth where the fish can be and the strength of the tide are not assessed properly : Depending on water temperature, habitat preferences, food choices and their availability and other factors, fish can prefer to stay in deep or shallow waters. Moreover, their movements are related to stage of the tide. Most often, no catch situation is due to ignorance of these factors.

3. Too much noise in the fishing area : Once a fish feels your presence or senses that an unknown entity has entered its realm, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch it. Even in deep water a stealthy approach pays big dividends and it is paramount in shallow water and along shore lines. If you’re not following this, it’s all gone.

4. Instead of the reel, the rod is made the primary hook setting tool : Many anglers have the tendency to yank back on the rod the instant they feel a bite or witness a strike. Far too often this results in missed fish. Rod holder boasts a higher hook-up rate than most anglers, and they don’t even move.

5. The weather and condition of the water are not properly studied : Old anglers – old not necessarily in years but in practice – show consistently good results envied by their less experienced fellows by meticulously following this. The careful study of weather and the condition of the water are the real key to successful angling .

6. Fish behavior, in terms of understanding when and why fish bite is not clear : Those anglers who do not bother with this aspect of fishing may strip to the waist and cast their lines in calm and clear water on a lovely sunny day but, apart from enjoying the sunshine and catching the odd shark, may land nothing worthwhile.

7. Fishing tackle and rods and reels in particular are not properly maintained : Many bites are not successfully converted to lands if these accessories are not properly maintained such as cleaning after every outing, checking for damages or defects, oiling and balancing (for the tackle) etc.

8. The bait collection and its presentation are not good enough : It is important to use good-quality bait and to present it correctly. The golden rule is the fresher the bait the better; Moreover, the lures or baits have to be presented in a manner that the fish will find most natural and attractive.

9. The “rules” of the game are not followed : Fishing tactics vary across water bodies. There are separate “rules” for pond fishing, river fishing, upstream fishing, fall river fishing, strip mine or quarry fishing, shoreline fishing, sea fishing etc. If these are not properly followed, it can be an empty-handed return from a fishing outing.

10. Correct fishing knot selection, knot tying and casting techniques are not followed properly : The importance of selecting the correct knots and tying them property cannot be overemphasized. It is surprising how often one hears anglers discussing how a record fish was lost because the line broke. Apart from this, the ability to cast far and accurately is very important.



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