3 Ways to increase landing page conversion

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3 Ways to increase landing page conversion

When designing your landing page, there are some things you should take into consideration for increasing your conversion rates. Most business owners know that their site must be optimized for search engines, but not many know that they must optimize their landing page to convert visitors into sales. In fact, most sites have a conversion rate of 10 percent. That means only one out of 10 people actually answer a call to action, even if it’s just signing up for a newsletter. If your landing page isn’t converting well, there are three things you should change on your landing page.

Fix your keywords

Most of your visitors are finding your site from organic search listings, which means they are entering certain keywords in search engines to find your site. If the words you use in your content do not reflect the idea you are trying to convey, your visitors will click out of your site. They are trying to find content that matches the keywords they are searching for.

Because search engines can pick up on every word on your site, you must choose your keywords wisely. Every main word should somehow reflect your site’s concept. Doing so will help improve your site’s conversion rate.

Use persuasive speech

People don’t usually react unless they have something to react to. Your site must have a call to action. Without a call to action, your visitors will not perform any action on your site, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.

Moreover, you must use persuasive speech in your content to influence your visitors to answer your call to action. Because everyone is different, everyone is influenced in different ways. You must incorporate different styles of persuasion to appeal to different types of people.

There are many great books available that teach about persuasion and how to use it in your daily conversation. Read these books to help you improve your persuasion skills. However, some persuasion skills require body language, and of course, you can’t use body language in written content.

Remove ads on your site

If your landing page is directly selling a product or service, you don’t want to distract your visitors with ads. Additionally, many people view sites with multiple ads as spammy, or they may feel like they are being scammed in some way.

Most ads only pay a couple of cents per click. For every visitor that clicks out of your site because of an ad, you have potentially lost a sale. Therefore, you are voluntarily accepting a couple of cents per visitor, rather than the amount your product costs per sale.

If you properly do these three things to your landing page, your site’s conversion rate should increase. However, it will take time for the search engines to register the changes, especially in terms of keywords. Keep all of this in mind.

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