5 mistakes in applying for US student visa

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5 mistakes in applying for US student visa

Applying for US student visa? Learn the top 5 mistakes that people make while applying for student visa. We are human beings, and making mistakes is in the nature of a human being whether we are making coffee or applying for a student visa, we often make mistakes. By the way what is the link between coffee and student visa? Just kidding. We are the beings who make mistakes in examinations which affect our lives, and an application for a student visa is no different case. We can even make a mistake here. But there are some mistakes common among us.

Here are the top 5 most common mistakes that we make while applying for any student visa:

Sending incomplete documents or forgetting them – This is surely the most common mistake that we make while preparing an application for any student visa. We often send incomplete, expired or incorrect documents and sometimes, we even forget to send any! That is why elders say “concentrate on what you do”; in this case, it means that we should always concentrate on what we are adding while preparing an application.

Not writing in block letters – The second most common and timid mistake we make is not writing in block letters. We often forget to fill the form in block letters and are application consequently gets rejected, even if we have all the right documents and fill in the right information. Read more on https://www.humbercollege.org/.

Forgetting the Photographs – Coming in at third place, this is the third most common mistake made while preparing an application form for a student visa. We fill the form in block letters, we attach all the truthful documents but our application is still rejected – Why? Just because we forgot to add the two little 2 X 2 inch photos of our selves. That’s why we should always keep in mind not to forget the photographs.

Accidentally filling in the wrong information – Sometimes when we are not paying attention on what we are doing like when we concentrate on our coffee while preparing a student visa application, we tend to fill in wrong information or old information which is no longer valid like our older address instead of our new one. This can sometimes cause a ton of trouble.

Filling in the wrong date – Our application can be rejected because of the simplest of mistakes like filling in the wrong date. For example, if we fill in a date either post or pre of the actual date our application will surely be rejected.

These were the top 5 most common mistakes we tend to make while formulating our application for a student visa. So please be careful when getting you application ready and also keep in your mind not to forget anything. Remember, focus is the key so don’t get distracted and try to formulate your application somewhere where there is no distraction and there is nothing but peace and quiet.

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