Batman Arkham City – The Dark Knight Is Back

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Batman Arkham City – The Dark Knight Is Back

If you are into third-person games with a lot of action and adventure, you can’t miss Batman Arkham City. This game offers an interesting story line that will pull you into a world full of combat and speed. You will also get to work on your stealth skills as well as your investigation tactics. This game is a sequel to the popular Batman of 2009 called Arkham Asylum. In Arkham City, you will be fighting old opponents from the Asylum. You can also choose to play this game as Catwoman. There are many other upgrades in this game such as new gadgets and many different movement choices for Batman such as the grapple hook, leaping, and gliding along with sliding.

This incredible game was developed by Rocksteady Studios. It really improves upon the original Asylum game and offers intense game-play. Arkham City is the new home for all of the worst criminals and thugs not to mention the insane. This game has many unique features and is a very challenging game. This sequel starts a brand new storyline and brings together a new cast of good and bad guys. You can experience a cool and unforgettable game as the Dark Knight.

There are some rumors in the gaming industry about Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City games that they will be remastered for the PS4 console and the Xbox one. Acording to this news article on PSU, there was a survey conducted where the Batman fans had to vote for the games to be remastered for the new gaming consoles or not, and it seems that the vast majority voted YES.

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