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Best Forex Brokers

In currency trading, the so-called forex broker is a liaison between a buyer and seller of foreign exchange. Forex brokers are generally associated with reputable financial institutions. They generate revenue by establishing a “spread” between the asking price and the bidding price in currency trading. There are a substantial number of forex brokers in the currency market; and there are as many web sites offering forex platform reviews and listing of the top brokers. A survey of such best broker rosters revealed, however, that except for a few, different brokers figure out on top 5 or top 10 rankings.

Such differences in the record of the best online brokers in currency trading may be explained by the methodology adopted in compiling data for the listing. The lists were generated from evaluation ratings of senior and junior traders who have used a broker in trading.

Since reviewers will naturally venture at assessing only the broker or brokers who they have done business with, the list also reveals popular brokers in forex trading. For the purpose of this article, more than ten web sites were visited to find out which brokers consistently figured out in the best list. Bases for ranking are the frequency of broker appearances in a best list and the average of these rankings.

Juno Markets

Asia-based Juno markets is a multi-awarded broker in currency trading. Last year alone, they garnered three prestigious awards with their innovative platform, for having the best active trading platform, and for being the best forex provider in China. Juno markets attributes their success to their simple but powerful platform for trading forex and other financial commodities and indices online. And there is an interesting article online about Juno markets opinions on Brexit global economy changes and how will it impact forex trading and what are some of the Forex Brokers’ Brexit risk management strategies.

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