Best MicroFiber Cloths

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Best MicroFiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are very effective in cleaning dust, dirt, water and oils off any surface because of the stuff microfibers are made of. Microfibers contain a blend of polyamide and polyester and are constructed in a way that traps various particles inside the fibers. Microfiber fabrics are very efficient as cleaning materials when combined with the proper knitting process. Cloths made from microfiber can absorb oils and hold up to seven times their own weight in water, making them ideal for cleaning. However, these cloths are more expensive than the disposable cleaning cloths and typical mops people use for cleaning different surfaces.

To pick the best microfiber cloths available in Malaysia, one has to look at several factors, the first of which is the cost.

As mentioned, this type of cloth is more expensive than the normal cleaning cloths, but is more effective in cleaning because it absorbs water and oils and traps particles inside the fibers. Getting microfiber cloths will become more cost-effective in the long run as one will not have to keep purchasing disposable cloths to be used for cleaning. One only has to wash the microfiber cloths thoroughly to maintain their efficiency in cleaning.

When buying microfiber cloths in Malaysia, one should make sure to know how to properly clean this type of cloth as explained on website. Unlike other cloths used for cleaning, microfiber cloths only require warm water and soap to keep the cloth clean. The use of fabric softeners, bleach and other types of detergent is unnecessary as the chemicals these contain will only clog up the microfibers, making them ineffective in cleaning.

Microfiber cloths last longer than ordinary cleaning cloths if one knows how to clean or wash the cloths properly. One should also keep in mind that microfiber cloths can be washed up to 300 or more times without the cloths losing their ability to trap oils, water, dust and dirt in its fibers.

There are some cleaning cloths though those are being marketed as cloths made with microfiber when in fact they are not. One should make sure not to purchase these cloths and expect them to perform in the same way as microfiber cloths do because they are not made with the same materials and did not undergo the same knitting process.

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