Boyfriend or Girlfriend Pillows

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Boyfriend or Girlfriend Pillows

The girlfriend pillow really was not the initial product in this area. Kameo Corp. first began with a boyfriend pillow or oftentimes generally known as the husband pillow which grew to be a tremendous success amid women of all ages in Japan.

Clearly Kameo Corp. spotted their chance and chose to expand their collection in the form of a Moshi girlfriend pillow to ensure that the men wouldn’t be ignored. The pillow in the form of a woman grew to be even more famous versus boyfriend pillow.

In the beginning, it was marketed solely in Japan but now it is also obtainable on reliable online purchasing web pages just like Amazon. Kameo Corp. actually went one step more and created the complete body girlfriend cushion which delivered them enormous revenue. Nevertheless, the body cushion girlfriend is available solely in Japan, at least for the time being.

Well, if you lost your boyfriend or husband, or you miss him a lot, then the Boyfriend pillow is just the thing you need to feel better. They come in different sizes, and different colors and design. You can choose from realistic ones to fun pillows. From muscular to normal body pillows. There are websites such as where you can not only buy your favorite Boyfriend pillow but you can even buy special clothing for your Boyfriend pillow and thus you change it’s look every day. You will get the comfort as of sleeping or lying down with your man.

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