Cat scratching post

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Cat scratching post

A cat scratching post is a wooden post that enables your cat to scratch. All cats have an urge to scratch in order to clean their claws and also mark their territory. Most indoor cats tend to take this urge out on the furniture or the carpet so to prevent this from happening they need to be provided with a suitable cat scratch post.

Cat scratch posts are designed so that they provide stability for your cat to use whilst scratching. They also allow your cat to stretch out whilst using it’s cat scratch post. The main benefit of having a cat scratching post is that their attention will be turned away from your furniture, carpet or wallpaper and that it will also provide your cat with vital exercise.

How to Choose Cat Scratching Post Products?

There are wide variations of cat scratching post products in the market. They come in different size, model, material, color, and prices. How do you know your cat will like one particular cat scratching post products?

There are a lot of cat scratching posts to choose from, but based on online reviews the smart cat ultimate scratching post is by far the best one and the cats seem to really enjoy it the most. Of course, not all cats are the same so you should know which one would be the best choice for your cat. The first thing you need to know before buying one is to take a note of your cat scratching behaviors. Does it like to scratch and move vertically or horizontally? If your cat likes to play on your carpet a lot, then you may choose cat scratching posts from carpet material or the same material with your carpet. When you saw your cats prefer to sit on the level where it can view the surrounding area, then you may choose one with height level platform. You must take the size of the cat scratching post commensurate with your cat’s size.

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