Customize Your iPhone Accessories

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Customize Your iPhone Accessories

So, in this day and age of mass-produced consumer goods, how can you be unique? Take smartphones for example. One of the first things you might do after you get your contact list squared away is setup custom ringtones. You can give all of your professional contacts one ringtone, your friends another, and your family a third. Or you could go to the extreme, giving each contact a distinct ringtone. Your daughter who breeds dogs could get a woof-woof-woof ringtone. Your friend who loves Star Trek and Star Wars could get a sci-fi sounding ringtone. And on and on it can go, through each person in your list.

Then there are the apps you download and the music in your playlists … these further serve to set your phone apart. But what about the outside of your phone? How can you tell your iPhone from someone else’s just by looking at it? How can you use the outside of your iPhone as a platform to showcase your own individual style? Cool and original iPhone cases are the answer. Whether you choose a photo from your camera roll to create your own unique iPhone case or chose an artist-inspired designer case personalized with text, you can be assured that nobody will have an identical case.

Beyond custom phone cases, you can create personalized and distinctive covers for just about every electronic gadget you own. The cover on a tablet or an eBook reader can become an extension of your personality. You can even create your own or buy Xbox 360 controller cover in the same way you customized your iPhone case. Are you a gaming fanatic? Why not get a phone case with your favorite game, Fortnite is all the rage nowadays, why not show that you are in trend and get your iPhone a cool Fortnite phone case iPhone 7 and stand out of the crowd.

Other accessories in our lives can also be tailored to show our originality. The plastic housing on retractable dog leashes can be personalized with your dog’s picture. A basic stainless steel flask can become a statement piece when printed with your favorite drinking slogan.

Every day we make a statement about who we are by selecting our clothing (for work and for play) and the accessories to go with each outfit. From the shoes we wear to the jewelry we pick, these choices reflect our own individual style. But beyond fashion accessories, other accoutrements in our lives, be they custom iPhone cases or personalized covers for our other electronic gadgets, also convey to the world something about who we are.

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