Downloadable Instrumental Music

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Downloadable Instrumental Music

Many music professionals are constantly on the lookout for professionally mixed music. Today there are many sites that offer free downloads of hip hop instrumentals, R&B, soul trance, etc. Purchasing the music is also very easy and can be done using a credit card or PayPal account. The music you purchase comes with both exclusive and non-exclusive rights. You need to decide what rights you would need based on the purpose of purchase. For instance if you intend to use the music to cut a demo cd or for a advertisement jingle that is going to run for a limited time it is always better to opt for a non-exclusive track as it cuts down the cost of production considerably.

Check out the Music before Buying

Free hip hop instrumentals download is available on many sites to allow the potential clients to check out the sound quality. However, they all have voice tags and will be difficult to use for any purpose other than checking out clarity and beats. Many exclusive tracks from top of the line musicians would also have free sample clips for preview. In case you are keen on cutting an album with minimum expenditure but are very sure of capturing the target audience, it is always advisable to go ahead and purchase the exclusive rights for a track of your choice. This will be helpful in the long run as once you have a great song, you need not go around renegotiating for the exclusive rights of the track.

Buying a Music Track You Like

After selecting the music of your choice and once payment has been made, a direct downloadable link is mailed to the purchaser. All you need to do now is download the music and use it. Many advertisement producers prefer this method and buy non-exclusive tracks with limited distribution rights. This choice allows them access to great music at a reasonable price besides a wide variety of tracks to experiment with. Downloading free hip hop instrumental samples is an easy way to decide the tracks you would like to purchase.

Self-Promotion through Non-Exclusive Tracks

The sale of non-exclusive tracks is an easy way to promote yourself as a musician as well as to generate an income. Yet another self-promotion method is having a DJ spin your tracks. If the audience enjoys the tracks you can be assured of lots of publicity every time the music is played. A popular tune is also easy to market for non-exclusive rights to fellow musicians, producers and other music professionals. Allowing a select clientele to access to your hip hop instrumentals for free is another technique to capture the attention of people who can help you succeed in your chosen profession.

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