Electric Mobility Scooter

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Electric Mobility Scooter

The electric mobility scooter has been around for a number of years, but in recent years technology has allowed them to become more practical and more affordable than ever before. The range of these products is really quite good now and the speed is probably about as fast as you would want to be going on this type of scooter.

They are still viewed by the RTA as an electric wheelchair so should only be used on the pavements and other areas designated for walking. You don’t need a license or insurance to drive an electric mobility scooter.

Electric Mobility Scooter – Price Dropping

The price of these scooters has dropped as the popularity has increased and they are now in the range of most people. Some people maybe able to access special discounts or grants from their local council depending on their circumstances.

The el scooter gives people who are unable to walk easily a new lease of life and enables them to get out and about to meet with friends, do the shopping or get some fresh air – without their scooters many people would be housebound or very restricted.

You can drive an electric mobility scooter

Some people worry that they’ve never driven a car or wouldn’t be able to drive a car at the moment and therefore might struggle with an mobility electric scooter. That isn’t really an issue. You do need to make sure you can see clearly and can maintain concentration but within an hour or two you’ll be zipping up and down to the shops and back with no problems at all!

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