Ensure Your Images are Ready for Duratrans Printing

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Ensure Your Images are Ready for Duratrans Printing

Have the right file

When you are working with a duratrans printing company, you will need to make sure that all of the images you send them are in an appropriate file type. Most companies will work with JPEG, TIFF, EPS and similar image files when used for direct printing. However, if you want your printer to be able to edit your image or make minor changes to make duratrans printing easier, then you may need to send your file in a different format. You will want to contact your printer to find out what format they use, and then create your design in that format for better duratrans printing.

Have the right size

Duratrans printing can come in all sizes, ranging from not much larger than a standard sheet of paper all the way up to gigantic outdoor duratrans. However, you need to consider this size when you are commissioning your duratrans design. If you are using an image designed for an 8.5×14 duratrans, it may look distorted if it is printed on 27×39 duratrans paper. Therefore, you must make sure that your duratrans images fit the dimensions with which you are working. If you will save money, find out from your printer what the standard dimension options are, and opt for one of those choices. Otherwise, you may end up paying additional cutting costs.

Duratrans Printing

Have the right color setting

There are two main color settings used for duratrans printing: RGB (or red, green, blue) and CMYK (or cyan, magenta, yellow, black). You will need to find out which of these your duratrans printing company uses for production. If you have your design software set to RGB and the printer uses CMYK, then you could find that the colors on your finished duratrans look vastly different from the colors on your computer monitor. If you must have a particular color/shade, such as for your company’s logo, then talk to your printer about how you can verify that you will get the color that you want.

Have the right resolution

When it comes to your duratrans printing, the higher the resolution, then the better the final product will be. Be careful taking stock photos from the internet, many of the photos designed for use on websites are only 72 dpi to decrease page load times. For duratrans printing, you need 300 dpi. Sending a lower resolution file to the printer could cause it to become pixilated when it is blown up to your poster size.

By having all the image elements set properly before you go to the printer, you will find that the entire duratrans printing process goes much more smoothly.

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