Fight a Speeding Ticket

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Fight a Speeding Ticket

In most cases, a speeding ticket can be defended or reduced. It’s not usually about the fine for people charged with speeding. Most people charged with speeding tickets generally admit to the speed but are hoping that a traffic ticket lawyer can do something to eliminate or reduce the impact of the speeding ticket in order to save demerit points and insurance ramifications. If you think you were actually speeding but are looking for help mitigating the damage then chances are that a traffic ticket lawyer can assist you and that he will be able to do so without you having to attend court. If you think you were actually travelling the speed limit then a traffic ticket lawyer unfortunately cannot attend without you and you must have a trial and attend court to testify. However, as previously said, if you are just looking for a deal, a traffic ticket lawyer can step into your shoes and attend court for you and will get you the best deal possible.


There are two types of speeding charges. Occasionally there are people who think they were actually driving the speed limit, but normally people acknowledge they were probably speeding but just want to know if there is something a traffic ticket lawyer can do to reduce the points. While no one can guarantee an outcome with certainty for any traffic ticket, normally the answer is yes a traffic ticket lawyer can almost always help in some important way. Lighthouse Legal have been successfully defending clients for years and Speeding is their bread and butter charge. They have handled thousands of speeding tickets and their objective is always to eliminate your charge first if at all possible. If they feel you are at risk of a conviction to your speeding ticket then they will seek to negotiate the best resolution possible to your speeding ticket charge on your behalf.

Generally you will not need to attend court unless you choose the ‘trial only’ option for your speeding ticket. Most speeding tickets are either eliminated entirely or plead down to a reduced speed. Typically, the primary criteria that the Prosecutor will consider in a plea reduction are your driving record and whether there was a reduction at the roadside. While there is no tariff or guarantee a rule of thumb is that most Prosecutors in most jurisdictions will consider up to a 10 km reduction. It is true that people often negotiate resolutions on their own to speeding tickets most people find it cost prohibitive to spend their own time turning in their speeding tickets and attending court on multiple occasions to apply for and secure disclosure in relation to the speeding ticket and then to also have to meet with the Prosecutor and sometimes to attend multiple on multiple appearances to seek defence or resolution to a speeding ticket. In addition since Lighthouse Legal do this for a living they will see defenses that you might not realize even exist.

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