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Great site for free e-books

Are you looking for one or more free e-book downloads? I have good news for you! Today I came across this very nice website where you can download free e-books. The e-books are divided over five different main categories and many more subcategories. In the main categories you can choose out of IT, business books, medical, SEO and science e-books. This is very convenient if you are short on money but eager to read something nice. In the subcategories you may for example find e-books on accounting and engineering, but as well on personal development or marketing. One of my favorites is the category on Microsoft office programs. Although I am quite the nerd, when it concerns office programs I’m like a tailor with two left hands.

More than 15000 e-books

On the website you have more than 15000 books to read or to download. In return you only need to provide your e-mail address on which you will receive their weekly newsletter. All the free e-book download they offer are written solely for the publisher. Now you might wonder how is this possible? When you start reading you will find out soon enough. In the e-book you find on every three pages a small advertisement. I believe this is a pretty innovative publishing model. I do not know of any other e-book publishers using a similar model.

Calculus textbooks

I downloaded a couple of the textbooks which are offered on this website and I was pretty amazed with the quality and level of these books. For my studies I had calculus courses for several semesters and I really could have used the free calculus help they offer through their books. The most important calculus theories and topics were covered. For instance spectral theory, Real Functions in One Variable and Hilbert Spaces and Operators on Hilbert Spaces – Functional Analysis Examples. The books on calculus which are available are written by several professors who teach these calculus subjects themselves. Therefore they know very well what students should learn and what is a good approach to help students understanding these often very complex calculus theories. The combination of theory books and complementary exercise books help students to test their knowledge and gain true understanding of the information.

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