How Do You Tell A Scam From Legit Opportunity?

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How Do You Tell A Scam From Legit Opportunity?

Internet Scams And Real Business Opportunities – How Do You Tell A Scam From Legit Opportunity?

Before we talk about internet scams, let us first seek to find out whether there are indeed real and legit opportunities of earning money on the internet. Of course, there are many legit online money making opportunities and people have made real money using them. Some people have even become millionaires while working from home.

The problem today is that we have several times as many fake opportunities as there are legit ones. Worse still, it is almost impossible to tell which opportunity is real and which one is just after your money. That is the purpose of this review. However, before we state that in black and white, let’s look at the types of common internet frauds.

Types of internet scams

The most common type of internet fraud nowadays is the selling of programs that claim to reveal secret formulas for making money online. You will find thousands of different websites all selling the same program with only a different name. A common feature in this type of scam is that the people selling the program claim to have developed it personally after years of struggling and losing money in the process. They will even show you a screen shot of their financial statements to show you how successful they finally became by using the program they are now selling you.

Another common type of internet scam is where a company offers a fake business opportunity. You will be told that your job will be to market some program and all you need to do is get more people into the program and those people to get others and the cycle continues. In most of these internet frauds, there will be no real product or service on sale. Some may call it a pyramid scheme because you register by paying some cash and get nothing for it but mere membership. This is different from legit Multi Level Marketing, in which case a specific product that real people are interested in buying will be on sale.

Finally, a new type of internet scam has now emerged which targets service providers. This type of scammer hides behind the fast growing trend of business service outsourcing. There will be a genuine need for a service which will be advertised, and if you qualify, you are picked and given the job. A contract will be started and there will be constant communication while you work, only to be cut off completely once you finish working. In the end, you never get paid and that becomes the end of everything. You lose your time and effort!

So how do you tell a legit opportunity from internet scams?

First, if a program or opportunity is marketed with a lot of hype, such as “The secret strategy used by abc (an internet business guru)” or “Easy $200 a day while working for only an hour from your living room”, do not dare to try it. Secondly, if you are not given a real product to sell in a given business opportunity, it is most likely a scam. If you are going to sell services to non-registered companies or individuals, make sure there is a third party that will be in charge of ensuring that you get paid for your services. The base point in this issue is that if an opportunity or program promises fast millions out of little work, that is, if the deal has all of the signs of too good to be true, you ought to approach it with a lot of caution. Better yet, just walk away.

We like home business programs that make the CEO or President available to the public and an opportunity to try out the products with full refund in the first 30 days or more. If you are looking to get rich fast, you will be more vulnerable to scams. So be realistic in your research for good programs.

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