Keto Diet – Ideal Fats to Consume

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Keto Diet – Ideal Fats to Consume

The majority of dietary fats are made of long-chain triglycerides. However, for best results on a ketogenic diet medium chain triglycerides are recommended, as they are more ketogenic in nature. Coconut oil is an example of a natural food that is high in MCTs. This allows dieters to enter the state of ketosis with fat as a smaller percentage of total calories, allowing for a bit more variety in the diet.

When dietary carbohydrates are severely restricted and fat and protein intake is increased, the body switches into burning fat for energy instead of relying on glucose supplied by carbohydrates. The body burns stored fat, which provides a slow but steady source of energy, which is preferable to using sugars, which are easily exhausted. This is the basis for practically any low carb diet you will come across.

A ketogenic approach to nutrition has been shown to alleviate many serious health issues. Among the many applications of using a ketogenic diet for medical purposes include:


  • It is used along with new cancer treatments to drive the disease into remission.
  • Improves the efficacy of epilepsy treatments by reducing or eliminating seizures.
  • Helping Alzheimer’s patients improve mental acuity.
  • Helping diabetics have more control of their blood sugar
  • Reducing the symptoms of gluten allergies and other symptoms of autoimmune reactions.

In addition to the above mentioned health benefits, many keto dieters have found that a keto diet combined with the latest Nutra Keto 24 diet supplement allows fast, healthy weight loss with significantly fewer cravings and hunger pangs than a “normal” keto diet.

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