Mediation is fair and cost effective and it is good for children

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Mediation is fair and cost effective and it is good for children

Mediation should be considered at all stages as a way of helping to resolve seemingly intractable issues. If court proceedings have started, the courts and judges want to know that mediation has been explored in relevant cases as a viable alternative to litigation. Mediation is an opportunity to safeguard children’s needs and to prioritize their best interests in a workable way. Children should not have to suffer and it is vital that parents can try to agree a way to communicate about their children now and in the future.

Mediation is carried out with the aim of reaching agreement regarding a range of issues in a fair and cost effective way. The parties do not lose control as the family mediator is trained to assist them to communicate and enable them to achieve constructive solutions about their own family arrangements; these may be about their children’s contact arrangements or where they are going to live and/or financial matters however complex.

Mediation makes a great deal of sense and we are committed to it as an alternative to going through expensive and a protracted court proceedings. Mediators, such as Family mediation Miams, cannot impose a settlement or advise you on the best course of action. They will try to help you reach an agreement fairly and on the basis of full financial disclosure. In the event that you and your partner have been able to reach agreement Family mediation Miams will be able to incorporate the terms into an understandable document. At any time you can consult your solicitor about your position and take advice and incorporate your agreed settlement into a legal binding document.

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