Men Hair Loss and Frontal Baldness

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Men Hair Loss and Frontal Baldness

In most cases of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), DHT (dihydrotestosterone) formation in the scalp is the major cause amongst all other causes. Dihydrotestosterone comprises of an androgen called testosterone and the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. Dihydrotestosterone in itself is not entirely bad. DHT has a major role in bone mass formation and proper muscle growth.

In contrast, DHT can have devastating effects upon the hair follicles. As DHT travels through the bloodstream, it is carried to the scalp. The newly formed hormone then binds itself to the hair follicles, beginning the hair loss process.

The human hair typically goes through two phases: The growth phase (2-6 yrs) and the resting phase (90 days). As DHT attaches itself to the follicles of the hair, it interrupts the growth phase by reducing the oxygen rich nutrients from reaching the hair’s cortex (decreased blood flow).

Due to lack of nutrition over a prolonged period of time, the hair enters into the resting phase at much faster rates because it cannot sustain the needed energy for proper hair growth. As the hair continue these cycles over, a thinning hair appearance begins to display itself. Usually at these stages is when hair loss begins to occur.

The hair becomes so thin and brittle, it may sometimes ‘break off’ at the cortex. Hair follicles attempt regrowth but are too thin to reach the surface of the scalp, causing baldness and hair loss.

Another common hair loss problem in men is frontal baldness. This is evidenced by the receeding hairline and the temple region. Dihydrotestosterone is the major culprit for this particular hair loss as well.

What Can Be Done to Stop or Prevent DHT Hair Loss or Frontal Baldness?

Thanks to recent advances in science, help is now available to treat hair loss caused by DHT: DHT Shampoo and Hair DHT Blocker.

DHT Shampoo

Anti DHT Shampoo is designed to neutralize Dihydrotestosterone in the scalp and helps prevent DHT from bonding to the hair follicles. One of the best known DHT hair loss shampoo is Hair Restoration Laboratories shampoo. Speaking from experience, this is an excellent product and it works extremely well!

Hair DHT Blockers

Hair DHT blocker or inhibitors work by blocking the formation of DHT, resulting in less hair loss. Most hair DHT blockers are in an oral pill form.

A note of caution: some DHT blockers/inhibitors may cause an adverse reaction with testosterone in the body and cause sexual side effects. Always use due diligence when selecting an acceptable DHT blocker.

Whether you are suffering from hair loss or frontal baldness, it would be beneficial to beging treating this growing problem immediately. By doing so, your efforts to break down the DHT molecules in your scalp could very well hinder the destructive effects of dihydrotestone’s presence in your scalp.

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