Queen Bed Frames

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Queen Bed Frames

A queen size bed provides a perfect balance between comfort and size and you can fit a queen bed frame into basically any bedroom that’s larger than a closet. The popularity of queen beds is also a result of the simplicity of making the bed and cleaning the linens is much easier compared to a king bed. There’s also a cost consideration. Queen bed frames of 60 x 80 inch sizes are available for a excellent price compared to bigger beds.

What type of queen bed frames should you choose? That depends on what you plan to put on it. A box spring mattress can use just about any type of bed frame (even a platform frame, or simply attached legs). With a foam mattress you will often need a wooden frame with lattice support or full platform (or at least a foundation mattress).

Queen Bed Frame Size

The width of a queen bed frame can be flush with the mattress or extend any number of inches depending on what type of bed frame you choose. Most simple metal bed frames will be flush since they essentially just provide a raiser from the floor and often with wheels of some kind. Most metal bed frames take little space, even with a head section attached. Many bed frames made of wood will extend, sometimes quite a bit, beyond the standard queen 60 x 80 dimensions.

Although the visible wood looks nice, the extending surface may not be comfortable when you get in and out of bed. Obviously, on a bed of this type looks, style and exclusivity are often more important than practical comforts or cost.

Wooden Queen Bed Frames

Wood is the material of choice for most bed frames. Many are made from pressed wood composites with just a outer layer of wood finish, while more exclusive beds can be found of real wood such as a mahogany, cherry or solid oak bed frames which makes it best for couples who are very active in their bed. You should visit Wessex Beds Website as they have great reviews on each bed frame they are selling and they are selling only the top quality.

Metal Queen Bed Frame

Most queen metal frames are extremely cheap and basically only provide a simple support system for the mattress. Should you prefer a queen bed frame that is almost invisible once mounted, than a simple metal frame is the right choice.

Queen Sized Platform Bed Frames

A platform bed frame is exactly what it sounds like: a platform on which to lay whatever mattress you have, some call it a invisible bed frame. Many people consider the platform to be the best queen size bed frame type. The term platform bed is very general and really just defines a bed that lacks springs and has a surface to support some form of mattress.

If you want a bed with a headboard, and perhaps even a foot board, then I suggest you choose a queen platform bed frame. Most wood frames will be called platform beds even though they may have more complex design than just a flat support surface.

The price of a platform queen bed frame can be just as cheap as a simple metal frame and on up to where the sky is the limit. Expect to pay a bit more for quality wood bed frames. Quality costs but a good bed frame will last for many many years and is a central piece of furniture in any home.

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