Resin Bound Paving

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Resin Bound Paving

For many people, the terms resin bound and resin bonded paving which are commonly used as driveway materials in many countries like the UK, are often times a major cause of confusion for business and home owners. This matter is simply unavoidable due to the fact that they both serve very similar purposes. However, although they are alike in some ways, they also share some major differences.

Resin bound paving is a good choice for consumers who are trying to find a more eco-friendly material that is at par with their landscaping necessities. The design flexibility of this product is undoubtedly superb, bearing a variety of colors and can be shaped in any curve or pattern. It does have sure-set and permeable characteristics which allow rain or water permeate through the surface. In the UK, market leaders such asĀ Fabulous Resin Driveways company, guarantee that this type of material displays a smooth and hard wearing finish on gravel driveways that is truly low maintenance.

Resin bonded paving on the other hand, is a system wherein a thin layer of resin is spread on the driveway surface, after which aggregates will then be sprinkled on top of it. Normally, it involves gluing decorative gravel to solid concrete by using resin which makes it similarly hard wearing and low maintenance as resin bound paving. The main disadvantage of resin bonded drives is that the aggregates have the tendency to become loose over time and it is not permeable.

Whichever material you end up choosing depends on your own preference and budget requirements. Both resin bound and resin bonded paving are ideal for gravel driveways in the UK and they are widely used anywhere in the world.

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