The importance of choosing the right theme for your WordPress site

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The importance of choosing the right theme for your WordPress site

The freedom that WordPress users have when changing their themes is one of the reasons why this platform is so popular. Apart from the official themes, there are countless websites with great suggestions and whether you prefer free or premium themes, there is a myriad of options available. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that installing professional WordPress themes literally requires a few clicks, so you don’t need to hire a web designer, because implementation is quite simple. In fact, there really is no excuse for sticking with the default WordPress theme or getting an outdated design. Having the right theme is essential for the success of your web page and it definitely is a pity that so many admins don’t take advantage of all the customization options available and neglect the importance of professional WordPress design.

A nuance that is not very well known is the distinction between the themes that look good and the themes that are right for your website. Every page has its own specific characteristics and is best read in a certain way. For example, online stores need to have a clean design in order to be easy to browse. The same goes for news websites, where all the information has to be displayed in categories. While some types of websites, such as personal blogs, can have more intricate designs, with plenty of colors and flashy elements, others need to stay professional. It’s understandable that with so many themes available admins choose the ones that they personally like instead of the ones that best match the profile of the website, but that should not be an excuse. Regardless of the content of a website, the design is what visitors see first and if your website is difficult to read, you will have a big bounce rate.

Premium WordPress Themes

The simple answer is that there is no such thing as the best theme. There is no universal solution. Every website needs a theme for its category, so you will need to browse professional guides to get suggestions for those specific categories. For example, if there is a lot of audio content on your website, you will need professional WordPress music themes. Since you will have many embedded elements on your page, you will need a simple theme that doesn’t slow down the website. Since the major WordPress core update and the introduction to Gutenberg system, which ever niche you are in, you’ll need the best Gutenberg WordPress theme.Also, this theme has to be customized and optimized for the media content that you will post. As a final point, you should know that a theme’s functionality is relative and a design that looks good now might be updated in three years of less, depending on the web design trends. One of the biggest problems that WordPress users have these days is that they bought non-responsive themes a few years ago, when responsive web design wasn’t essential, and now they have to pay to make them responsive. For best results, you should find a professional theme that you can customize. This way, you can change colors or page elements by yourself, without having to contact a web designer to make these changes.

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