Things to do in Dubai

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Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a huge metropolis nestled right in the middle of barren desert land. But, since the 1970’s the city has made rapid progress and has become one of the most popular urban cities in the world. It has become synonymous of royalty, elegance and modern technology. The city is a favorite holiday destination for many. If you are planning to visit the city, some of the most popular things to do in Dubai are listed below:

Get playful with the Dolphins at the Dolphins Bay:

Step into the crystal clear waist high waters and get up close and personal with the Dolphins. If you are visiting the city with children, this place is a must visit. The place would give your kids the chance to play with the dolphins, watch them perform amazing tricks in the water and also learn some important details about the behavior of this wonderful marine species. The shallow waters of the lagoon makes it ideal place to visit for non swimmers.

Float up in the air over the desert:

If you are up for some adventure ride then take the Hot air balloon over the magnificent desert is surely one of the things to do in Dubai that you would want to miss. Hop into the Balloon and brace yourself for having an experience of a lifetime. The balloon ride gives you a chance to see the desert in a way that only few have seen. The balloon gently floats over the vast expanse of the desert and allows you to enjoy the spectacular view of the giant sand dunes from over the top. It would surely be a cynosure to the eye watching the wandering camels, emerald green oases and gazelles.

Take a safari ride:

If you feel mesmerized by seeing the sheer beauty of the desert from over the top and if you want to explore the desert more, you can take a full desert safari tour. The tour is a major attraction for tourists from around the world. After all the playing in the sun, the tour ends with a majestic belly dance show in the night. You can put your dancing shoes and learn how to groove to the soothing Arabic music. The dancing is followed by a scrumptious dinner in the quaint surrounding. The tour comes as a refreshing change to the way people look at Dubai; you will realize tourism in the city is much more than Shopping in Dubai.

Ski Dubai:

Would you imagine how cool it would be to ski and go skate boarding in a country where the temperature soar over 40 degree Celsius, this would perhaps the last activity you would imagine doing in this emirates city. But that is Dubai for you, everything is possible here. Skiing in the resort and enjoying playing in the ice at the indoor Ski Dubai resort is surely one of the things to do in Dubai.

Go Shopping:

Visiting Dubai would be incomplete without the indulgence in shopping. The DSF or Dubai Shopping Festival is a mega event and a huge tourist attraction. The city boasts of all the major international brands you would want, every renowned designer has a boutique here. If you think of shopping in Dubai, there are options galore.

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