UPC Codes Explained and Simplified

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UPC Codes Explained and Simplified

If you are planning to start a manufacturing business and are in the process of finalizing deals with retailers and suppliers then there are some basic details that must first be understood. Understanding the UPC barcode and how it will help your business is a start towards a fully functional and productive unit.

The UPC barcode is a system by which all the products that are manufactured are accounted for. That is a very simple explanation to put things into perspective. A barcode for your products itemizes each product in its specific category, helps in inventory tracking and carries all the details of the product. This UPC code is a 12 digit number that is available after paying an annual fee. The first 6 numbers are your identification code and details, the next 5 carry product details like size, color and if the item is a grocery item then it will also have the weight mentioned. UPC Codes make inventory management so much easier with each piece being tagged and numbered so at any given time you are aware of how many pieces of a particular product have been manufactured and how many have been sent out to retailers.

UPC codes are usually in black and white but now there are color options as well. These appear as bars on the label in varying widths. A barcode scanner reads the bars and extracts the information from the UPC barcode. The retailers or suppliers also enter this information into their inventory management software allows them to also track sales and stock. For multiple products you will need to buy UPC code separately. There are many good online sites where you can buy UPC codes. These sites are very informative and detailed and once your order is received, they are usually able to process your order in a couple of hours. Usually UPC codes are available from barcode suppliers as preprinted labels that can then be affixed onto the packaging. Having the barcode printed on the packaging directly is also possible. There are many sites offering cheap UPC codes but always ensure that the company you choose for your UPC code labels are rated and authorized to supply UPC codes.

Among the many sites supplying UPC and EAN codes online a company that comes highly recommended is UniqueProductCodes.com. You can buy EAN codes and UPC codes from them. Once the order is placed it takes just a few minutes to receive UPC/EAN codes for your use. UniqueProductCodes.com charges no renewal fees. Barring pharmaceutical products all products can be tagged under these codes. Buy UPC code today and retail with online distributors as well as direct suppliers.

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