What is Hotmail?

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What is Hotmail?

Hotmail email is an email service provided by Microsoft, where you can sign in, login and check your emails. Hotmail login interface is very easy to can sign in to it in a second. Email stands for “electronic mail”. Email can be any message, which you can send to your friends, family, and relative via Internet by using a computer.

Now-a-days everyone is having computer. So, your friend can easily check the email which you have sent. Your friend can even check the email via cyber cafes. Email can be accessed from any part of the world. The only thing you need is Computer with internet connection. You can easily send & receive emails from your friend / family member / Relatives. Getting a hotmail email is very easy you can get it in minutes.

So how do we communicate with each other do we get some unique id / number / address?

Yes, you get a unique id / account which is called as email id / email address. Every user who uses hotmail have there own unique email address.

For e.g. [email protected]

[email protected]

Don’t worry, Email id are not case sensitive. You can type email id in any case upper or lower. While registering you have to enter small letter. You cannot use any space in creating your id and special character. You can use “_” underscore for e.g. [email protected]

How to access hotmail / go to hotmail website?

Hotmail can be accessed by following url :





So, I am looking for new id and don’t know how to Create my new id?

Type the url: www.hotmail.com in your address bar. You can see “new to hotmail” sign up options by which you can get free hotmail account. Hotmail also provide some premium email for which it charges some fees.

Can I choose my username?

If the email address or id for which you are looking is available (not yet registered by anyone) then you get the id. While registering you can search / find / check availability for addresses which are not yet registered.

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