World of Tanks – The Game

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World of Tanks – The Game

This is the favorite MMORPG game known as World of Tanks. Coming from the famous development studio. It came with a unique concept when it was decided to create a game where the main role will be played by tanks, mainly from the Second World War and the beginning of the Cold War. The fact that Word of Tanks is played by more than 10 million people is a clear proof of the success of this game. World of Tanks registration is really easy. Simply fill out some data and play.

World of Tanks is imitation of real tanks

The tanks that are available for each player are of course copied by the actual models of the various armies. There are tanks from Soviet Union, Germany, USA, but also China, Great Britain or France. Some of the most popular tanks are T-34, Pershing, Tiger, Scorpion G and many more. If you want to learn more about the WOT tanks and especially about the famous Scorpion G you can refer to this article at This is in itself a challenge for anyone looking for high-quality military game that do not involve the destruction of often foreseeable artificial intelligence, but the destruction of real players from around the world.

A huge number of maps

Just sit in your tank where, from the point of view of the driver, for example, you are facing a challenging battle where either you yourself or your enemy stays at the end of the tank. All these tanks offer you online . And you definitely do not have to worry about graphics, maneuverability, gameplay and, of course, location. There are a total of 20 maps available to give players the opportunity to destroy their opponents in previously unknown territory. In addition, few military games can boast by offering two game modes like Word of Tanks.

Two sophisticated game modes

In the case of Word of Tanks , you can lead an inexorable battle to your last tank or choose a mode where you prevent one particular point on the map. World of Tanks will allow you various repairs or modifications, making you stronger and more dangerous for your opponents. All this will complement superior graphics that makes you feel as if you yourself were tankers with a real tank in the middle of the battlefield. So do not hesitate and go to the fight. Just aim and fire – and you immediately have one opponent less.

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